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Defining Excellence

We have years of experience in creating competency and career frameworks which underpin all your HR and development initiatives. We help you select the right executives through strong selection methods and in-depth executive profiling.


Developing Excellence

Whether you need a development centre, a developing programme or training in business skills, deWinton-Williams builds the solutions to impact on your talent and also your bottom line. We develop individuals, groups and teams into high performers and support development through executive coaching.



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deWinton-Williams Consulting is all about one thing – driving business success through people excellence

Established in 2004, deWinton-Williams Consulting has grown a reputation for developing clients' business skills through training programmes which are:

     • Commercial – our commercial training services increase your profit, not your budget

     • Pragmatic – delegates leave knowing how to improve not just what to improve

     • Inspiring – we work on creating the confidence to go out and deliver more through our development programmes

We are  best known for our development programmes which have a measurable impact on the bottom line, development centres which give delegates a clear picture of their forward development, training programmes which inspire people to change, team building to create high performance collaboration and coaching which gets results.

We also assist our clients with defining excellence through competency and contribution frameworks, assessments and executive selection profiling.

How does your business determine excellence?

Defining Excellenceconsulting services to define what skills your business needs to achieve your commercial goals and select the people who have those skills.

Developing Excellence - training and development programmes to create profit-generating skills.